Welcome to Chucai Yi's Homepage

Chucai Yi is a research and development Engineer. As an active researcher in the fields of computer vision, his work involves object detection and recognition, surveillance event detection, 3D point cloud processing, visual feature matching and filtering for 6DoF tracking. He has authored many publications as listed in Google Scholar. As a professional software engineer, he has been designing and implementing end-to-end applications and services that apply cutting-edge techniques to quickly prototype and solve specific problems. He is proficient with C++, Python, Matlab coding, and has experience in large-scale data processing and full life cycle of software development. He is used to the common development frameworks and tools. Dr. Chucai Yi received his Ph.D. degree in computer science in 2014 from Media Lab, The City University of New York under the supervision of Professor YingLi Tian.


  • Visual feature matching and filtering in 6 Degrees-of-Freedom tracking system, which can support Google ARCore and other SLAM applications.
  • Build High-Definition digital map from LIDAR point clouds and camera-based images which are captured by street view cars.
  • Localize text instances (e.g., text strings) and signage instances (e.g., QR codes) from natural scene images.
  • Detect human-involved events such as waving, pointing, embracing, and running from surveillance videos.
  • Experience in full cycle of software development, from requirement analysis to system architecture design and core module development.
  • Experience in common development platforms, environments, and libraries.
    • Linux, Docker, AWS, CMake, Boost, OpenCV, PCL, Numpy, TensorFlow, etc.
  • Proficiency in C++ (6+ years) and Python (4+ years); Comfortable with Java (2+ years) and Linux shell (2+ years); Basic knowledge on mobile platform like Android.